peanut butter & gialli tumbls for ya

This month we made another change related to peanut butter & gialli: We’ve added a Tumblr to the roster of places you can find peanut butter & gialli on the internets! (The others being of course, here and Twitter.)

What for? Well, there’s a whole lot of stuff we don’t post in our reviews and poster galleries. Oh, we could post-whore all kinds of stuff, but we’re comfortable in the format we’re using now; it works for us, and we like it. The pb&g Tumblr gives us a place for all that ephemera: alternate posters, screencaps we didn’t use in the review, video clips, etc. Anything, really, that’s even tangentially related to the gialli–and everything else–that we watch. Feel free to follow us or just swing by and check it out once in a while. As Babs Steele would say, “Come here, stupid.”


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