the posters show traces of carnal violence: february 12th to march 12

A new regular event, in which we share in brief what we’ve been watching recently.

We didn’t post anything for a looooooooong time, but that doesn’t mean we weren’t thinking about Peanut Butter & Gialli; we just had other shit going on. Fisty got knocked up (on purpose!), and couldn’t bear being on a computer for being superbarfy (which really sucked since she works on them). She had her baby (named for a Spaghetti Western hero–can you guess which?) in December, hooray! Bill is lazy had his computer die on him and needed time to get a new one. So we had an (unannounced) hiatus. We won’t do it again, we promise. To spur us onward to ever greater posts, we’re doing this little regular event to share what we’re doing when we’re working on a new post. It may take us a little time to gear up for regular reviews since it currently takes Fisty about three days to watch a movie, what with all the baby juggling. But we’re working on it!


the 36th chamber of shaolin (liu, 1978)

exterminator (glickenhaus, 1980)

the strange vice of mrs wardh (martino, 1970)

drunken master (yuen, 1978)

the bird with the crystal plumage (argento, 1970)

valentine (blanks, 2001)

suspiria (argento, 1977)

subspecies (ted nicolaou, 1991)

king boxer aka five fingers of death (jeong, 1972)

sette note in nero aka the psychic (fulci, 1977)


humanoids from the deep (peeters, 1980)

long weekend (eggleston, 1978)

are you in the house alone? (grauman, 1978)

what have you done to solange? (dallamano, 1972) look for our review soon!

the gate (takács, 1986)

baxter (boivin, 1989)

hercules against karate (margheriti, 1973)

billy jack (laughlin, 1971)

the pit and the pendulum (corman, 1961)

il cittadino si ribella aka street law (castellari, 1974)

gli occhi freddi della paura aka cold eyes of fear (castellari, 1971)

candyman (rose, 1992)

indio black, sai che ti dico: sei un gran figlio di aka adiós sabata (parolini, 1970)

dead heat (goldblatt, 1988)

hellbound: hellraiser ii (randel, 1988)

dio perdona io no aka god forgives--i don't (colizzi, 1967)

uomini si nasce poliziotti si muore aka live like a cop, die like a man (deodato, 1976)

the land that time forgot (connor, 1975)


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